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Feb 28, 2017

For as many interviews that we have featured on all kinds of cool artists since last year, I’ve never personally written a thorough piece on an artist, until now. I do believe that every once in a neon moon, you find an artist that you are beyond passionate about, and you just can’t wait to share their music with the rest of the world. This past summer, I discovered one of the four most exciting artists I’ve come across in two years. One of four is saying a lot for someone that consumes at least 10 hours of music a day. Psy Fi was this new addition to my roster, alongside Jenaux, Prince Fox and BEAUZ.

It was Josh and my first time attending Enchanted Forest, and I knew no more than Autograf, Minnesota, and Stelouse on the lineup. I had to run around on coverage duties during Psy Fi’s first set, but couldn’t get enough so came back for his second set that same night. It was music to my ears when I discovered that he was going to play a third and closing set in replacement of Minnesota Sunday night. I dropped my backpack, water, cell phone and camera to get lost in a bass heavy journey. I managed to sneak my way all the way to the front to get a dose of bass in my face, sharing the magical moment with the rest of the kindred music lovers of Enchanted Forest. Mile’s rhythmic, melodic, yet head banging bass transcended me to another place, I was lost in another world and high on his music. My lack of videos and photos to show for him was the best testament to how good he was.

Miles and I have stayed in touch since July, and it was a dream come true when he accepted my offer to come play at Neon Owl’s Dance. Give. Inspire. charity show to support I have gotten to know him over the last few months, and not only is his music out of this world, but his heart is in the right place for what he is creating in the universe. He shook up quite the earthquake at Pure Lounge as the crowd head banged their way through his set, including myself, Josh, and our other headliners Beauz. If you missed him at our charity show, you can catch him playing occasionally at one of the Wormhole shows in Oakland.

Josh and I fought over who would sit down with Miles for this interview, so we both ended up doing it. We got a chance to talk about his creative process, upcoming album in 2017, Seven Lions, Tipper, Producers Social, a cause that is close to his heart, and what he is most grateful for right now. 2016 has been an incredible year for Psy Fi, but 2017 will be on another level from the sounds of what he has given me a sneak preview of so far. Don’t forget to check out the guestmix he did for Neon Owl radio, and stick around for the journey his new album is about to take you on.


Feb 23, 2017

Jordan Suckley has yet to deliver a less than high energy performance in all the times we’ve seen him. Dreamstate SoCal was no different last month, as he tore up The Vision Stage Friday night after Thanksgiving. We got a chance to sit down with this talented ball of energy before his incredible set. Jordan shares with us the person he looks up to most in the industry, future collabs, favorite artist to work with, to his most memorable moment. We also got deep as he told us about the low in his music career, and the thought of potentially getting a “real job”. It has been incredible to watch Jordan take over the tech and psy trance scene in the last couple of years and we can’t wait to catch him at EXCHANGE LA this upcoming week on December 30th! Perhaps we’ll even go on another In-N-Out run (yes, he likes In-N-Out). If you missed him at Dreamstate or just can’t get enough of his DAMAGED sound, make sure you get your tickets for this massive show he’s putting on with Eddie Bitar and Menno de Jong hosted by Insomniac’s Awakening!


Feb 21, 2017

Helena Legend has started creating the path to being a legend with her versatile sound. Her energy rings through her sets and you can feel how passionate she is about her music.

Her musical background has helped her produce some amazing tracks, including “Pasilda” and “Storm“. She recently released her first track featuring her own vocals, “Illusion“. Can’t believe she was hiding that hidden talent!

I first met Helena a couple of years ago after her set in Vegas. My jaw dropped when not only I saw how beautiful she was, but how infectious her music was. I literally started following everything she was doing, from twitter, to snapchat, to Instagram…no I’m not a stalker . Just a huge fan and one of her Legends.

I had the chance to catch up with her before her set at Ruby Skye SF to talk about her journey, her fans, the pressures of social media, and get to know about her love, Satchi.


Feb 18, 2017

Whenever I get ready to do my interviews, my goal is to always keep the conversation going. I’ve never had someone start the interview with complete silence, I knew that this would be a fun interview with Darude.

Whether you have been listening to dance music for a long time, or just got into it, everyone knows the track “Sandstorm“. It is such an iconic track that literally brings smiles to people’s faces whenever it is heard. It only makes sense that Darude took “Sandstorm” and made it fit the anthem for Angry Birds: The Mighty League. Check out his cameo appearance.

I had the chance to chat with him before his set at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. I learned about his original nickname of Rude Boy, but that is far from who he is as a person. He told me that he loves partying with the crowd and I got that sense during his live set and the humor he puts into it with handheld signs. Watch the interview to learn more about his favorite food his wife makes, and the causes close to his heart.

I grew up listening to Darude, and it was such a treat to be able to sit down with someone who I consider a Legend, (alive).