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Oct 30, 2017

Adam Scott has been making waves in the trance scene on the east coast in the last couple of years, with the occasional guest appearance over here on the best coast as well. He has continuously drawn in a big crowd at his residency at Marquee NY and just landed his latest residency at NOTO Philadelphia. You may have spotted Adam playing at massive events like EDC Orlando and Dreamstate, and often opening and closing for the homies Dash Berlin.

We got a chance to sit down with this talented musician during Groove Cruise Miami to chat about his losing a tooth during the best weekend of his life (which also happened to be on Groove Cruise), favorite artists to catch, most memorable moment, and how he could never ever leave the music industry. Keep your eyes open for this one, because Adam’s journey is just beginning. If you pay close enough attention, you may spot a special guest appearance during this interview as well.


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Oct 26, 2017

I was like a kid on Christmas day when I saw David Gravell on the Groove Cruise Miami line up! Sam FeldtJochen Miller, and Andrew Rayel were up there, but I had never seen David Gravell live before in the entire 3 years I had been following this legend in the making, so this was my chance! His dark energetic trance with techno influences has created quite the distinct sound, and created much buzz the last few years.

Partying with David for 5 days over Groove Cruise was awesome, and he was just as friendly, humble, and adorable as I imagined him to be. His set on Thursday was my most anticipated set of the entire cruise, and he definitely did not disappoint as he tore up The Theater that night! I went into the crowd for almost his entire set, and heard nothing but praise from both fans and those who were strangers to his name. My friends who did not enjoy trance still got a kick out of his set as he brought the house down with his unpredictable high energy set.

We sat down with David the next day to have him take us down memory lane to the present day. We have a favorite artist in common that goes by the name of MaRLo, so you can expect that Neon Owl will be instigating a future collaboration without a doubt. David chats about his amazing first experience at Groove Cruise, the support he has received from Armin van Buuren, to his favorite other hobbies which include snowboarding and skateboarding. We got a peak into his remake of Robert Mile’s classic “Children” and a preview into his first mix compilation “Discover” coming out soon with new original tracks and exclusive music from some of his favorite artists.

David Gravell is undoubtedly the hottest rising star in Armada who has discovered his clear direction as an artist. He has been touring alongside Andrew Rayel for his Moments tour all over the states, with San Jose Civic as the first massive stop a couple weekends back. We look forward to seeing him with his own headlining tour in the U.S. soon! Stay tuned for an epic collab with this guy on our Dance. Give. Inspire. charity line!


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Oct 23, 2017

The last 2 years has been playing in CID‘s favor, but luck came alongside nothing less than extremely hard work. CID has been dominating, getting extreme support from guys like KaskadeGalantis, and Don Diablo. He has been touring side by side with these heavy hitters and even having his own headlining shows, sooner than he himself even anticipated. Having his dreams come to fruition the last couple of years, CID keeps his head down and continues to grind humbly.

His latest release “Secrets” featuring Conrad Sewell has been flying off the charts the last couple of months. The remixes officially released, including artists like BROHUGAdrian Lux & DJ Carli, our boy Josh Philips, and of course the one and only Kaskade.

After you peep “Secrets”, don’t forget to check out his interview with us at Insomniac’s Countdown a few months back! We chatted about how his continuous collaborations with Kaskade came about, his favorite house track and the CID original he holds closest to his heart. He gives our boys Win and Woo a shout out in here, so we are hoping for a collab in the near future with these three! We’re going to keep shuffling to these jams as CID keeps crushing it in 2017.

You can catch CID this week at New City Gas in Montreal playing alongside Don Diablo (TICKETS HERE) or Shaky Beats Festival in early May (!

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Oct 19, 2017

When you meet these two you can see how genuine of a friendship they have. It’s no wonder why Chus & Ceballos have been staples on the Groove Cruise. Their contagious smiles, energetic sets with their Iberican sound, and pure kindness make them a perfect fit for the Groove Cruise family.

Before I met them, I had the chance to catch their set at 7am. As tired as us Groove Cruisers were after dancing all night, we managed to muster up the last of our energy to keep going during their set. I admit, I might have been dancing with a bagel in my hand. I was filled with joy, music, dancing and food — what more could a girl ask for.

I learned about how they’ve made their 20+ year friendship and partnership work and what matters to them when they’re playing their sets. We talk about what it means to them to make their music and why what they’re doing could have great impact in the world.

This past year they released their first album, Nomadas. Staying true to their music and not letting the pressures of the changing electronic dance music scene affect them, their passion for their music drives them forward. They’re a pair that are truly to be admired.

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Oct 16, 2017

We got a chance to sit down with Nifra for part 3 during Groove Cruise Miami. See what she had to say about her very first Groove Cruise experience. We also took a dive into her current wardrobe and talked about her previous “horrible sense of style.” Nifra has been dominating the trance and progressive scene in the last few years, with the continuous heavy support from Markus Schulz. She will also be playing a classic Coldharbour set during Luminosity Beach Festival this year, so make sure you stay tuned for that! Nifra is no new face to Neon Owl, and we are super excited to partner up with her for our Dance. Give. Inspire. charity line to support building wells in developing countries through! Catch a sneak peek of the shirt during the interview, and make sure you check back for the official release during Miami Music Week!

Grab Nifra Dance. Give. Inspire. charity merch!


Oct 12, 2017

If you’re a trance fan, then you know the name Markus Schulz. He’s had a long successful career as a DJ, producer, one half of New World Punx, and record label owner of Coldharbour Recordings.

I got a chance to catch up with him on The Groove Cruise and preview his next Dakota Project Release, the Nine Skies. I loved sitting there and watching the reactions of all his fans to his latest tracks coming out of this album. It’s based on the nine steps to enlightenment. You’ll learn why he chose to release this album and what it means to his legacy.

What I adore about Markus Schulz is the fact that for all the success he’s had in this world, he remembers where he started and why he’s grateful for the life he’s been given. Watch the interview to learn more about what causes are close to him, the future of New World Punx, and much more.

Also catch his interview with Neon Owl at Dreamstate SF:

tags: charity, coldharbour recordings, dakota, dj, edm, exclusive, groove cruise, interview, legend, markus schulz, miami, music, new world punx, nine skies, producer, trance

Oct 9, 2017

It was amazing to finally get to sit down with the legendary, Ferry Corsten, during Dreamstate Socal. Not only is his music out of this world, but he also happens to be one of the kindest and most genuine souls I’ve come across in the industry. It’s not easy to have achieved so much success over a decade and still not have an ego, but Ferry was exactly that.

We got a rare share from Ferry about his highs and his lows as well as his challenges with juggling his career and family. He gave us his thoughts on the possibility of playing with Tiesto again, as well as the potential return of System F! He tells us about how he got his start from playing around with music as a little boy, to his clubbing days, and how he almost went down the path of being an electrical engineer!

We are very glad that Ferry decided to stick with music instead of engineering. His Gouryella set at Dreamstate was nothing short of beautiful as usual. Ferry has been on a high for the last couple of years, and we don’t see him coming back down anytime soon.

tags: charity, dj, dreamstate, edm, exclusive, ferry corsten, gouryella, insomniac, interview, legend, music, new world punx, producer, socal, system f, trance, uplifting


Oct 5, 2017

If you’ve never heard of Talla 2XLC and you are a techno fan, then you need to brush up on your history! Considered one of the founding fathers of techno, he’s been very influential in the electronic music scene. If you ever get a chance to hear him live, do it.

Talla 2XLC has had many releases over the years, some of his recent releases include “Free Your Mind” and his new collab with Pay and White called “Don’t Stop“.

I had the chance to catch up with him at Dreamstate SoCal and it’s evident why he’s been around for such a long time and continues to get support from some of the biggest names, including Markus Schulz. We learn about what’s important to him when he’s playing a set, to his secret passions, and the legacy he plans to leave behind.

tags: charity, dj, dreamstate, edm, exclusive, insomniac, interview, music, producer, socal, talla2xlc, techno, trance, uplifting

Oct 2, 2017

I got to sit down with RAM for round 2 during Insomniac’s Dreamstate Socal. We first met at Dreamstate San Francisco, where he delivered an amazingly beautiful set at Bill Graham after taking over Super Duper Burger with waves of fans. It amazes me how RAM always takes the time to meet up with fans with open arms whenever he’s in town playing a show. That is why it was no surprise that we all got kicked out of IN-N-OUT during the RAM + Friends + Neon Owl meet up in San Bernardino. We were about to have the cops called on us, so we managed to shift ourselves over to the parking lot.

In the few months that I’ve gotten to know RAM, I see the beautiful, genuine, and humble soul that he is. I am used to being the one pursuing artists in bringing them on board to Neon Owl in creating positive change and contributing to the world. RAM however has been constantly reaching out to brainstorm ideas, chat big pictures, and sharing his vision for what we can do in the dance music community to better the lives of others. This is why he will always hold a special place in my heart.

If you missed his set, make sure you check it out below along with our interview with him. Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration between Grotesque and Neon Owl coming soon!

tags: charity, dj, dreamstate, edm, exclusive, interview, music, producer, ram, socal, trance, uplifting

Sep 26, 2017

Prior to Neon Owl’s Dance. Give. Inspire. charity show to support, I got the chance to sit down with BEAUZ for round two. I first discovered these two about a year ago on Soundcloud through their remix of “Great Escape,” by Manufactured Superstars. I reached out to commend them for their extremely distinct sound, put them on for an interview, and the rest is history. These brothers have been pumping out tracks every single week (literally), with their latest release “Future Heartbreaks” out on Panda Funk! Winning 1st place in Feenixpawl and APEK’s remix competition for “Quicksand,” these two have proven to be a storm brewing in the EDM scene.

We talk about how they plan on revolutionizing the dance scene, while infusing sounds from all cultures and vocalists from all backgrounds into their tracks. Make sure you check out their latest release “想你的季节 / Frozen Thoughts,” which features the amazing mandarin vocalist, Dean Wang. Bernie and Johan also share with us a low they had earlier in their careers where they simply couldn’t find their “sound” and felt like they sounded like everyone else. In my opinion, these brothers took no time to get to where they are today. Their fast tracked success has almost nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with hard work. I’ve gotten to know the two quite well over this past year, and they are relentless with their production and the mastering of their craft.

Bernie and Johan are going to make it to the main stage at a future festival, I’m calling it. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a duo with such a unique sound, determination and positive attitude. Make sure to watch out for their second release on Panda Funk coming soon, and be sure to check out the special guestmix they did for Neon Owl. Keep an eye out for these guys, because they are going places.

Round 1:

Official website:


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Feb 28, 2017

For as many interviews that we have featured on all kinds of cool artists since last year, I’ve never personally written a thorough piece on an artist, until now. I do believe that every once in a neon moon, you find an artist that you are beyond passionate about, and you just can’t wait to share their music with the rest of the world. This past summer, I discovered one of the four most exciting artists I’ve come across in two years. One of four is saying a lot for someone that consumes at least 10 hours of music a day. Psy Fi was this new addition to my roster, alongside Jenaux, Prince Fox and BEAUZ.

It was Josh and my first time attending Enchanted Forest, and I knew no more than Autograf, Minnesota, and Stelouse on the lineup. I had to run around on coverage duties during Psy Fi’s first set, but couldn’t get enough so came back for his second set that same night. It was music to my ears when I discovered that he was going to play a third and closing set in replacement of Minnesota Sunday night. I dropped my backpack, water, cell phone and camera to get lost in a bass heavy journey. I managed to sneak my way all the way to the front to get a dose of bass in my face, sharing the magical moment with the rest of the kindred music lovers of Enchanted Forest. Mile’s rhythmic, melodic, yet head banging bass transcended me to another place, I was lost in another world and high on his music. My lack of videos and photos to show for him was the best testament to how good he was.

Miles and I have stayed in touch since July, and it was a dream come true when he accepted my offer to come play at Neon Owl’s Dance. Give. Inspire. charity show to support I have gotten to know him over the last few months, and not only is his music out of this world, but his heart is in the right place for what he is creating in the universe. He shook up quite the earthquake at Pure Lounge as the crowd head banged their way through his set, including myself, Josh, and our other headliners Beauz. If you missed him at our charity show, you can catch him playing occasionally at one of the Wormhole shows in Oakland.

Josh and I fought over who would sit down with Miles for this interview, so we both ended up doing it. We got a chance to talk about his creative process, upcoming album in 2017, Seven Lions, Tipper, Producers Social, a cause that is close to his heart, and what he is most grateful for right now. 2016 has been an incredible year for Psy Fi, but 2017 will be on another level from the sounds of what he has given me a sneak preview of so far. Don’t forget to check out the guestmix he did for Neon Owl radio, and stick around for the journey his new album is about to take you on.


Feb 23, 2017

Jordan Suckley has yet to deliver a less than high energy performance in all the times we’ve seen him. Dreamstate SoCal was no different last month, as he tore up The Vision Stage Friday night after Thanksgiving. We got a chance to sit down with this talented ball of energy before his incredible set. Jordan shares with us the person he looks up to most in the industry, future collabs, favorite artist to work with, to his most memorable moment. We also got deep as he told us about the low in his music career, and the thought of potentially getting a “real job”. It has been incredible to watch Jordan take over the tech and psy trance scene in the last couple of years and we can’t wait to catch him at EXCHANGE LA this upcoming week on December 30th! Perhaps we’ll even go on another In-N-Out run (yes, he likes In-N-Out). If you missed him at Dreamstate or just can’t get enough of his DAMAGED sound, make sure you get your tickets for this massive show he’s putting on with Eddie Bitar and Menno de Jong hosted by Insomniac’s Awakening!


Feb 21, 2017

Helena Legend has started creating the path to being a legend with her versatile sound. Her energy rings through her sets and you can feel how passionate she is about her music.

Her musical background has helped her produce some amazing tracks, including “Pasilda” and “Storm“. She recently released her first track featuring her own vocals, “Illusion“. Can’t believe she was hiding that hidden talent!

I first met Helena a couple of years ago after her set in Vegas. My jaw dropped when not only I saw how beautiful she was, but how infectious her music was. I literally started following everything she was doing, from twitter, to snapchat, to Instagram…no I’m not a stalker . Just a huge fan and one of her Legends.

I had the chance to catch up with her before her set at Ruby Skye SF to talk about her journey, her fans, the pressures of social media, and get to know about her love, Satchi.


Feb 18, 2017

Whenever I get ready to do my interviews, my goal is to always keep the conversation going. I’ve never had someone start the interview with complete silence, I knew that this would be a fun interview with Darude.

Whether you have been listening to dance music for a long time, or just got into it, everyone knows the track “Sandstorm“. It is such an iconic track that literally brings smiles to people’s faces whenever it is heard. It only makes sense that Darude took “Sandstorm” and made it fit the anthem for Angry Birds: The Mighty League. Check out his cameo appearance.

I had the chance to chat with him before his set at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. I learned about his original nickname of Rude Boy, but that is far from who he is as a person. He told me that he loves partying with the crowd and I got that sense during his live set and the humor he puts into it with handheld signs. Watch the interview to learn more about his favorite food his wife makes, and the causes close to his heart.

I grew up listening to Darude, and it was such a treat to be able to sit down with someone who I consider a Legend, (alive).