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Neon Owl is a community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. We generate positive, inspirational content within the EDM industry and tell the stories that are not often told. We get up close and personal with artists and entrepreneurs in the EDM world and learn about who they are beyond the music industry. Connecting you with artists one track and charity at a time!
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The Neon Owl Show | Up close and personal with artists and entrepreneurs in the EDM industry



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Apr 19, 2016

Check out Neon Owl’s interview with the multi-talented C3ASARE. Producing, DJing, singing, guitar, piano, acting, and dancing are all a part of a long list of things he does well! Watch this interview to find out more about what drives him. Don’t miss his on-the-spot performance I had him put on at the end! C3ASARE is also working on a documentary about street performers, which we will feature in a future piece. Can’t wait to catch up with him in person when he’s back from Italy. Definitely one of the most positive guys I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so far!


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Apr 15, 2016

I can’t remember the first time the name TELYKast popped into my head, but it was probably off of Instagram somewhere a little over a year ago. I do recall thinking that this duo was high energy and a whole bunch of awesome. After talking to these guys, I’d have to say that my Instagram-intuition was right. One from New York and the other from Texas, the two met in school and decided to start making music together. Their energy and dynamic just works, and I wholeheartedly believe that this duo has a couple tricks up their sleeve for when they are ready to show it off to world! Check out this interview with Kyle and Linus and you will know what I mean.

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Apr 3, 2016

The RavExchange community started off as a fun project for Bay Area natives Dennis and Steven, but has completely taken off to another level over the past year! This platform that allows over 35,000 to buy, sell, and trade tickets is launching a website and an app in 2016! We also chat about not going down the tradition path of the 9-5 job and living in a time where opportunities to create something out of your passions is more than bountiful. Check out what these guys have to say about what started it all and what the future brings!

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Apr 2, 2016

I got a chance to sit down with the legendary unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz before his Dreamstate set in San Francisco. We chat about everything from the current state of trance, the EDM scene, to him as an evolving artist. See what’s next for this talented musician and don’t forget to check out his album dropping this April!

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Apr 2, 2016

I loved chatting with Budi about how he randomly got his start in the music industry while in college. Since then he has done it all from running his own record label, management agency, writing The Soundcloud Bible, to running the Music Marketing Academy.

At the young age of 24, Budi has accomplished a lot and is extremely passionate about showcasing artists with a unique sound. Check out some of the amazing talents such as San Holo, WRLD, and Ark Patrol under his label Heroic Recordings. If you are looking for Soundcloud hacks or taking your music career to the next level, be sure to also check out The Soundcloud Bible or his Music Marketing Academy!

Music Marketing Academy:
The Soundcloud Bible:…
Heroic Recordings:


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Apr 2, 2016

It was amazing to hang out with Paris Blohm, one of my favorite artists ever. I’ve been following him for the last couple of years and love that through his rising success, he has remained humble and continues to engage with his fans. I love that his individuality continues to shine through, regardless of what is currently “in” with the dance music scene. Paris preaches hard work and following your passions, and has personally went from delivering pizzas to being able to finally create a career out of his passion in making music. He is truly an inspiration to me personally, as well as for many chasing a dream. I look forward to being a loyal fan for many years to come, and to see what surprises he brings up next!


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